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Marketing Communications

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Business Development



With the pressure to develop sales and revenue streams and innovate to create new visitor experiences it is often difficult to take the necessary time to formulate an effective strategy.

The last 18 months has been about lost sales and reduced profitability. The new trading year in 2023 and beyond has to deliver results from day one. 

Kim Hallett Consulting provides that flexible additional resource to help drive revenue potential with new ideas and strategic thinking.


We can work in house or remotely, on short term projects or longer term business development plans at a pace to suit your budgets and objectives.

Print & Digital

With over 20 years marketing experience in both large and small organisations, developing  B2B and B2C campaigns, we have extensive knowledge in understanding the best approach for differing audiences and outcomes.  From print to social media and website implementation, including marketing organisation transformation from offline to online, we can support you and your team and supplement much needed resource.   


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Press & Media Relations



Never has the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, shareholders, customers and employees been more important. With a constantly changing business landscape the need for clear messaging is paramount.

Managing your media communication is a skill and another piece of your marketing plan that Kim Hallett Consulting can provide support with. 

Whether it is the launch of a new product, service or opening scenario, or a different way of managing the business that requires stakeholder support, we can help develop the project from start to finish. Leaving you and your team to concentrate on other issues when resource is stretched. 

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